Will Dimps Abandon Dragon Ball Legends?

Dimps is the team behind Dragon Ball Legends and, over the years, they’ve created dozens and dozens of games. In fact, since Dragon Ball Legends released in 2018, they’ve released a good 10 games, including some other Dragon Ball games. This does make people concerned that Dimps may abandon Dragon Ball Legends, or make the game so bad that a Dragon Ball Legends tier list is pointless. Rest assured – this game isn’t going anywhere soon. Let’s tell you why.

We Can’t Promise it Won’t Die Eventually

Before we tell you why we don’t think Dragon Ball Legends will be abandoned in the near future, we do want to point out that the game will eventually die. All games do. We just don’t expect it to happen for a good few years, and there’ll probably be a few warning signs before it happens.

Dimps Doesn’t Generally Abandon Games

The team at Dimps releases a lot of games. They always support them too, often for a while. Sure, some of the games (including their Street Fighter games) are no longer getting support, but that’s completely normal. Games eventually lose support, but Dimps has a big team working for them, and they are still pushing out updates for games that game years before DBL did.

Dragon Ball Legends is Insanely Profitable

Dragon Ball Legends is profitable. Not only does it have a ton of cash flowing it every single month, it doesn’t cost a whopping amount to run either. If a game is making money and doesn’t cost much to keep it updated, Dimps will continue to support it. Since they show no sign of slowing down on the store at the moment, it’ll be around for a while.

Dragon Ball Legends is Still Being Updated

The first sign that DBL is dying would be if it stopped being updated. In fact, the updates will be a little bit slower at the start. Thankfully, that is not the case with DBL. It is still getting regular updates. Not just small bug fixing ones either. New characters are being added to the game, the meta is being changed, etc. This shows that the game is still thriving and having a lot of cash thrown at it. Dimps are doing everything they can to ensure that the game continues to be a success.

Dragon Ball Legends has a Lot of Players

While we don’t know the actual player count (since this has not been released), it is clear that Dimps still has hundreds of thousands of monthly players on DBL, and they’re not going to upset their player base. Not when Dimps needs to be seen as a trustworthy company (which they are).

You’ll be Safe Buying a DBL Account

So, don’t worry. Dimps won’t be ditching DBL any time soon. This means that you are completely safe heading to a place like U7Buy.com and buying a DBL account. You can do that by heading to this link: https://www.u7buy.com/dragon-ball-legends/dragon-ball-legends-accounts

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