Sprinter Van Rentals Vs. Car Rentals: The Best Way to Explore the City of Chicago

Chicago, the Windy City, is a sprawling metropolis known for its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and rich history. From the iconic skyline along Lake Michigan to its diverse neighborhoods, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Chicago.

But when exploring this city, travelers often find themselves torn between two popular options: Sprinter van rentals and traditional car rentals. The choice comes down to personal preference and travel style, as each has specific benefits and drawbacks.

The pros and cons of each will be covered in this article to assist you in selecting the option that best suits your adventure.

Sprinter Van Rentals: Spacious and Versatile

Sprinter vans are becoming increasingly popular because of their adaptability and roomy interiors. Compared to conventional cars, these are bigger and can accommodate more passengers and cargo.

For travelers exploring Chicago with friends or family, a Sprinter van rental provides the perfect opportunity to bond and share experiences. Whether hauling luggage or supplies for a day at the beach, you’ll appreciate the ample storage capacity of a Sprinter van.

According to Slash Gear, this ample space availability makes Sprinter Vans a good camper van. This also makes it ideal for longer trips or group travels where the transport option needs to accommodate multiple passengers.

Additionally, Sprinter vans often have amenities such as comfortable seating, entertainment systems, and even kitchenettes in some models. This can improve the entire vacation experience, particularly for those who want to take long road trips or go camping in the Chicago area.

As Time Out Group states, there are several camping destinations in Chicago. For instance, you can visit Illinois Beach State Park, Starved Rock State Park, Indiana Dunes State Park, or Devil’s Lake State Park.

The elevated seating position of Sprinter van rentals offers enhanced visibility while driving, which is an additional advantage. This can be particularly advantageous when navigating busy city streets or unfamiliar neighborhoods, allowing drivers to feel more confident and in control.

However, if you want a knowledgeable driver behind the wheel, you can look for Sprinter van rental services. A Sprinter van rental in Chicago comes with a local driver for your service. They are familiar with all the city’s popular destinations, neighborhoods, and activity options. This makes traveling and exploring the city enjoyable and memorable.

According to Eminent Limo, Sprinter van rentals also offer great gas mileage. This can help you save money, especially if you travel in a group, where renting multiple cars can go out of budget.

There are some drawbacks to Sprinter van rentals that travelers should consider. Their larger size is a noticeable drawback, as it makes parking and navigating in confined spaces more difficult than regular cars. However, if you have a specialized Sprinter van driver, you don’t have to worry about any of it.

Car Rentals: Compact and Convenient

On the other hand, traditional car rentals offer a compact and convenient option for exploring Chicago and its surrounding areas. Cars, with their smaller size and agile handling, are ideal for traversing packed city streets and squeezing into narrow parking spots.

One of the primary advantages of car rentals is their rates. They are often lower than Sprinter van rentals, making them an attractive option for those seeking to save on transportation costs. However, this is only practical when traveling alone or with one or two more people. If you are traveling in a large group, renting multiple cars will exceed Sprinter van rental costs.

Furthermore, cars offer greater flexibility when it comes to parking. Chicago is notorious for its limited parking options, especially in popular tourist areas downtown. With a smaller vehicle, travelers can more easily find street parking or fit into tight parking garages, saving time and frustration.

Another benefit of car rentals is their agility on the road. Chicago’s traffic can be unpredictable, with congested highways and busy intersections. According to ABC7 Chicago, the city’s traffic is the worst in the entire North America. It costs drivers around $300 extra in gas annually. A smaller car can navigate these obstacles more efficiently, reducing travel times and allowing you to make the most of your time.

However, there are some limitations to consider when renting a car. For larger groups or families, seating and cargo space may be limited, making it less comfortable for longer journeys. Additionally, car rentals may lack some of the amenities found in Sprinter vans, such as entertainment systems or kitchenettes. For some passengers, this might affect their overall travel experience.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Chicago Adventure

Ultimately, deciding between a Sprinter van and car rentals depends on your preferences, travel style, and specific needs. If you intend to move a lot of cargo, renting a Sprinter van might be the best option for you. However, if you prefer being nimble on the road and paying less for your rental, a car rental might be a better option for you.

Regardless of your choice, renting a vehicle provides the freedom and flexibility to explore Chicago and its surrounding areas. Whether visiting attractions like Millennium Park or discovering neighborhoods like Wicker Park and Pilsen, having your transportation lets you create unforgettable memories.

Before deciding, compare rental rates, vehicle options, and any additional fees or restrictions that may apply. Chicago’s car rental rates are pretty high, as found by an analysis by NerdWallet. The average weekly rental price is around $671, and it is the only city with an average price above $600.

Additionally, consider factors such as parking availability, fuel costs, and the size of your travel party. This will help you choose the best option for your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sprinter Vans Appropriate for City Driving in Chicago?

While Sprinter vans provide plenty of room and luxury, traversing city streets in Chicago may be difficult owing to traffic congestion. Consider your route and parking requirements before renting a Sprinter van within the city boundaries.

Can I Hire a Car for a Day Trip Away From Chicago?

Most automobile rental companies in Chicago allow day trips and out-of-town excursions. However, read the rental agreement for any limitations or extra fees linked to driving outside the rental region.

Which Method of Transportation Is Ideal for Touring Chicago’s Neighborhoods?

Depending on your company size and itinerary, Sprinter vans and automobile rentals can be useful for visiting Chicago’s districts. A Sprinter van may provide greater space and comfort for families, while a compact automobile may be more convenient for lone travelers.

Are There Any Age Limitations When Hiring a Sprinter Van or Automobile in Chicago?

Renters must typically be at least 21 years old and in possession of a valid driver’s license, though specific agency regulations may differ. Additional age limits or fees may apply to drivers under 25.

Do Sprinter Van Rentals Include Facilities Like Wi-Fi and Entertainment Systems?

Some Sprinter van models may have features like Wi-Fi, DVD players, and rear-seat entertainment systems. However, availability varies by rental provider and car model. When renting your property, make sure to inquire about the available facilities.

In conclusion, Sprinter van and car rentals offer unique advantages and disadvantages when exploring the city of Chicago. Whether a Sprinter van or a car, renting a vehicle provides the freedom to make the most of your Chicago adventure. So prepare to explore all that the Windy City has to offer, load up your car, and go.

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