Fertilizers price 50KG in Pakistan

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Fertilizers are widely used in the agriculture field all over the world because they provides necessary nutrients to soil and definitely causes in the increase of yields. Farmers in Pakistan are using following fertilizers brands and products to increase fertility of their land.

Nitrophos (NP), Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), Urea, Sona Urea, Engro Urea, Sarsabz NP, FFC (MOP), FFC (SOP), CAN gawara, Sarsabz CAN-F, Sarsabz NP and much more fertilizers brands in Pakistan.

Fertilizers Price List

Khad/Brand Net Weight Price
Urea 50 KG PKR. 2410-2587
SSP 50 KG PKR. 2100- 2500
SOP granular 50 KG PKR. 11,560
SOP FFC 50 KG PKR. 15,500-16,100
Sona Zinc granular 3 KG PKR. 2,260
Sona Boran 3 KG PKR. 950
Sarsabz NP 50 KG PKR. 9360
Sarsabz CAN-G 50 KG PKR. 2130
Sarsabz CAN-F 50 KG PKR. 2100
NPK 50 KG PKR. 8,000-8,100
MOP- FFC 50 KG PKR. 11,800-12,200
Agritrade-Zorawar 50 KG PKR. 12,160
DAP 50 KG PKR. 10,560-11,100
SSP 50 KG ——-

Fatima fertilizer Price list

Sarsabz- DAP 50 KG Rs. 11,460
Sarsabz CAN-F 50 KG Rs. 2100
Sarsabz CAN-G 50 KG Rs. 2130
Sarsabz NP 50 KG Rs. 9,380
Fatima Fertilizers

Sona DAP price today

Brand Net Weight Price
Sona DAP 50 KG Rs. 10,570-11,100

Engro fertilizer price

Khad/Brand weight Price
Engro- DAP 50 KG 11,600
Engro- Urea 50 KG 24,41-2,590
Engro- SOP 50 KG 15,600-16,100
Engro-Zorawar 50 KG 12,190
Engro Fertilizers Price

Sona Urea Price in Pakistan today

Brand Weight Price
Sona Urea 50 KG 2450-2590
Sarsabz Urea 50 KG 2430-2570

NP fertilizers price today in Pakistan

Brand/Khad Weight Price
NP 50 KG 9,470
NPK 50 KG 8,000-8,100

DAP fertilizer price in Pakistan

Fertilizer Name Net Weight Price
Sarsabz DAP 50 KG 11,470
Sona DAP 50 KG 10,580-11,100

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