View stories on Instagram while staying under the radar

Blocked by an ex or afraid to see them moving? Or want to take a sneak peak at the competitors profile or want to stalk someone without gaining their attention? We’ve got you covered.

Explore below how to see someone’s Instagram story without actually giving away your identity:

Create a second account.

We have all got the excitement to create and explore Instagram in a different way than we can on our main profiles, but to put more use to it, use it to see other people’s profile. If you don’t already have a second account, create one without using your actual name and make the profile private to make it untraceable. Use it to see the specific individual’s stories, without actually telling them that you have been keeping tabs.

This method is the easiest to work with, however, is not foolproof. Afterall, if I as a person see an unusual account seeing my stories, I wouldn’t take a minute to restrict or block them. Therefore, keep this method as an emergency substitute, or run with it till you get caught.

Use third party apps

Last but not the least, you can make use of some third-party apps to watch the stories with a guarantee of not indicating the person. Apps such as StoriesIG and IgAnony are popularly used to see people’s stories without increasing the view count or notifying them about the same.

Leverage internet connectivity bounds

Feeling betrayed by the internet sometimes when you want it the most but can’t get it? Well now, use it to see other people’s stories without notifying them. just simply get to your main account and load the stories of the people and refresh the slot. Afterwards, switch on the airplane mode (which has never been in use to anyone except when to ignore people) and get back to your Instagram again. Once the “No Internet connection” warning has flashed, open the significant stories and watch them as it remains unnoted in the viewers list of the person.

Don’t forget, a bitter connection may cause not opening of the stories, and hence requires calmness and smartness to use this method.

Swipe halfway through the screen

Make a better use of your main account by this simple technique – Swipe halfway through the story. Open the stories pane and click on a person’s story next to the significant one, and afterwards while swiping to their story, slid your finger halfway without dropping it and Voila, you can get the glimpse of their story.

This method works smoothly, but would only be able to watch the first story only. If the person has posted multiple stories then this method can’t help you out that well.

Well as the former says, truth be told, be bold and be bold, all the given methods can help you surf through Instagram stories without getting noticed, but we’d recommend using the good ol’ fashioned main account to see them. But yes, whenever in need, these methods are surely available to the rescue!

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