Is Body Sculpting Safe? Here’s What Science Says 

Lipolysis is a non-surgical body sculpting treatment to eliminate excess fat from certain unwanted spots. It is a highly sought-after method mainly because it does not include surgery, thereby has no downtime. Cryolipolysis, a subtype of lipolysis that implements cold temperature (Cool Sculpting), works best in smoothening cellulitis. 

It is a comfortable process and gives confidence to the user. Scientifically it is a US FDA-approved weight management program. However, if you are new to this area, let us have a deeper understanding of the procedure.

What happens before the contouring procedure?

Cryoliplysis is a path-breaking weight management program for getting rid of unwanted fat quite fast. When exercise and dieting fail to get off those last few pounds and bulge around, cryolipolysis works best. 

Body sculpting is a safe method as it is scientifically backed. It is a good investment, however, the patient must balance their diet and have a healthy amount of mobility daily to put the weight off.

Before the body sculpting your eligibility is first screened. Certain discussions will be done with your designated doctor. 

  1. Your goal will be considered.
  2. The doctor will record your medical history, like allergies and surgical history (if any).
  3. Your medical history in terms of alcohol, drugs, etc.
  4. The doctor will judge your goals and determine the cryolipo target.
  5. A skin marking pencil will mark the affected areas considered for fat reduction.
  6. The healthcare professional will take the ‘before’ pictures and give professional recommendations.
  7. The doctor will walk you through the co-morbid risks (if any) your body might possess towards this treatment. 


How does body sculpting treatment work?

Cryolipolyis is a form of cool body sculpting treatment where the fat cells are frozen to death. It is an FDA-approved way of reducing extra fat, especially around arms, thighs, waist, back, etc. 

Extreme cold temperatures destroy these localised fat cells, then those dead fat cells are eliminated by the body as debris. The results are noticeable within a couple of weeks after the initial treatment. 

What happens during the body sculpting treatment?

  1. No anaesthesia is needed during the body sculpting treatment as it is pain-free.
  2. There might be some possible mild sensations of tingles and aches.
  3. The fat cells are frozen at around 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Initially, a gel pad is applied over the part to be treated to protect the skin.
  5. The stubborn body fat gets suctioned into a hollow applicator, and the cold treatment is hence given.

Scientific advantages of body sculpting treatment

  1. No cuts and stitch marks, as no surgery is involved. 
  2. It overcomes the risk of infection. The treatment is precisely targeted.
  3. Anaesthesia and the related medical complexities that can come with it are not involved.
  4. By investing in one single session, multiple areas of the patient’s body can be treated.
  5. It is as painless as a spa, so naturally, there is zero downtime. One can resume work and daily life almost immediately. 
  6. Anyone above the age of 18 can be treated, including the elderly.
  7. This body sculpting treatment has zero risk of nerve or skin damage. 
  8. Fat cells are permanently discarded from the body.
  9. The results are long-lasting. More than 25% of fat gets discarded 4 weeks after the first season.

Are there any risks?

There are no significant risks regarding the body sculpting treatment of Cryolipolysis that can be claimed on a generalised basis. However, some kernels of understanding should be considered beforehand.

  1. This treatment is for spot reduction of stubborn fat. It is unsuitable for obese patients.
  2. On average 2-4 sessions are required to reach one’s desired result.
  3. The post-treatment cell discarding by the body takes some time. It is ideal to wait for 3-6 months to fully see the change.
  4. In some cases, the body might start accumulating fat in other parts of the body.
  5. Cryolipolysis is not recommended for people with conditions such as — Raynaud’s phenomenon, Cryoglobulinemia, Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, Cold urticaria, and Cold agglutinin disease.
  6. Avoid this body sculpting treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding; or if you have nerve disease or inflammatory skin diseases like eczema. 

The sunny side up for cryolipolysis is its efficiency and remarkable success rate. This modern weight management program is way more affordable compared to its contemporary technologies. 

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