Trendy and Affordable: Best Baby Clothing Sites in India

Babies are the rainbow of family, and parenthood is a journey filled with love, care, and joy. So the clothes should be adorable and soft like little ones. Babies are heartwarming, and it is difficult to choose a clothing brand that falls within your budget and solves your purpose. It is not possible to go out with your todder and shop for their clothes. So you have a great option of shopping through online sites like First Cry, Myntra, kids only, baby hug, etc.

Let’s add more charm to the wardrobe of your baby, by making it a heaven of cute and adorable collections.

Best Baby Clothing Sites in India

First Cry

First Cry is India’s largest and well-known brand for toddlers and kids. This has a vast collection of baby clothes from national and international brands, including Disney, Barbie, Mamy Poko Packs, Giggles, Funschool, baby hugs, and many more. Additionally, clothes, diapers, shoes, school supplies, breastfeeding, and nursing accessories are also available. FirstCry the store has a decent selection of clothes and other items for kids between the ages of 0-12 years. It offers quick delivery and hassle-free return. For shopping, explore the range of products on FirstCry and get a good discount by applying the FirstCry Coupon Code and get the finest shopping experience with great deals.


It is one of the biggest and most outstanding websites for baby apparel in India. It provides the latest trends in t-shirts, footwear, and dresses, ensuring that you can get everything you need for your kids’ fashionable wardrobe. Apart from clothing, you can buy accessories, toys, car seats, and bath products for babies. Hopscotch dresses are beautifully designed for your kids and will make them look cute. Outfits for different occasions like parties, dance wear, and casual wear can be chosen, by using a wide variety of filters like delivery time, brand, color, price, discount, etc. You can also get vintage dresses for your little ones for a classy look. For clothing that looks more expensive than its price, use the coupons from Cashaly to further reduce the cost of shopping.


Myntra is known for its fashion and lifestyle. Now also, offering an impressive selection of clothes for your little one. It includes clothes and accessories that cater to all your baby’s requirements. You can pick cute onesies, cozy blankets, and trendy outfits, plus vibrant colors, and playful patterns, making your baby always look cool and comfy. Myntra’s baby collection has something for every occasion, including cute rompers, dresses, cozy jackets, and footwear. Furthermore, Myntra makes it simple for everyone to obtain the latest and fashionable goods by choosing from various brands and products. Myntra has become a one-stop shop for your baby’s clothing and accessory requirements by offering top-notch quality and affordable prices. With Myntra Coupons you can get a good discount on your baby’s clothing. Also, keep an eye out for their seasonal sales to get exciting offers. The delivery is easy and the return policy depends upon the product.


This is our one-stop shop for all your toddler and baby essentials. How the baby is feeling, looks, comfort everything is considered by the mother. A happy baby is less bothered by the diaper rashes and clothes, so, you can shop for comfortable clothes for your little ones at Babyhug. It sells infant clothes, cleanliness, bathing, feeding, nursing, and many essential products. Babyhug’s emphasis on durability guaranteeing that parents can rely on their apparel to resist the demands of active newborns. Babyhug has become the practical alternative for giving the kids bundles of joy, and also nurturing your little ones with love and care.


Lilliput is another children’s clothing brand. It offers premium clothes for your little champs. The clothes are good, have softness and durability.

At an affordable price, you can get a variety of stylish clothes for your toddlers. You can select outfits by age, category, color, and fabric. As long as you have this natural styler or cloth maker you can dress up your little one in some dazzling attire. The affordable range and variety in kids’ wear make Lilliput the most trusted baby clothing brand in India.

Mi arcus

It is the place to go for trendy baby clothing. Babies are gentle and heartwarming. So, we understand that their happiness and comfort is one’s priorities. The products are made up of BCI-Cotton to ensure safety for infants and mothers. This eliminates the presence or mixing of any harmful chemicals, dyes or whatsoever. Mi arcus furthermore encourages eco-friendly packing, delivering gentle, quality-approved, and eco-friendly products for mothers and babies. It provides a wide range of premium Baby & Mom products and takes care at all stages from the pregnancy journey to baby’s growth. It has hands-on expertise in creating quality products aiming at providing love, comfort & warmth to your baby.

Tiny lane

TinyLane is an online baby clothing store offering a wide range of clothing that are not only stylish but also gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

It claims that it uses bamboo-cotton, organic and sustainable fabric products for infants and babies. The fabric has softness with hypoallergenic properties; bamboo clothes are safe and comfortable for newborns and infants. You can buy organic products like Baby clothes, Organic Swaddle wraps, Toddler blankets, and other baby essentials online from the store and special deals are always for shopping.


Includ is an online store for shopping for the latest trendy clothes for kids and toddler, with comfortable and stylish clothing at a reasonable price. Includ believe that every child is special and deserves to look great so, the cloths are designed by taking into consideration kids young mind, their active lifestyle and needs. Clothes with playful design and vibrant colours are meant to make kids feel confident and expressive. The clothing style and designs inspire kids to express their individuality and creativity. You can order the outfits for your kids as dressing up a little one is a blissful experience.


Superbottoms is the best-selling reusable diaper brand in India with zero compromise in Baby Care. It offers a high-quality range of cloth diapers that are gentle on baby’s skin and also environmentally friendly.

Instead of using disposable diapers, it is better and safer to use cloth diapers as they are great for baby’s health. Due to harmful chemicals present in disposable diapers, it can cause skin irritation, rashes, and respiratory problems. On the other hand cloth diapers are gentle on baby’s skin as it is made of natural materials. The motive of the company is to make cloth diapers accessible, and affordable to all parents. So, start your cloth diapering journey with the best reusable diapers. Many offers are available on websites where you can avail the offers.


Mothercare is a one-stop shop for all products for babies and toddlers. In terms of style and comfort, the baby dresses designed by this brand are in top notch collections of buyers. The outfits are made for expectant mothers and children up to eight years of age. Mothercare products include kids apparel, feeding and nursing products, baby essentials, with maternity clothing and postpartum care products. You can order your products directly from the store, else you can make orders through Myntra and it will be delivered at your place.


Finding or shopping clothes for your little one is amazing. But finding the perfect brand is confusing as lots of options are available in the market. Whether you are looking for trendy or stylish outfits, the most important thing to consider is fabric and comfort of your baby. Always choose soft and breathable clothes for babies as they have gentle and sensitive skin.

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